Guided city walk through Donaueschingen

Guided city walk through DonaueschingenWe offer (for you free) a walk through the park to the castle with information about the city, the Danube, the Princely House and the castle.You will see the source of the Danube, the city church, the Diana fountain and much more.Meeting point for this tour is Friday, August 9th, 2024 … Read more

Dear Sighthound friends …..

Dear sighthound friends, dear exhibitors!A few weeks ago we were contacted by Danielle Steenkamp DVM USA.Danielle Steenkamp DVM is very well known among Borzoi owners, she researches heart diseases in the USA, especially sudden cardiac death in sighthounds and has collaborated with researchers at Texas A&M University.She asked if it would be possible for Texas … Read more

Handling class with Nicklas Eriksson

We are very pleased to be able, offer you another attractive point as part of the Sighthound Festival.”Handling class” with Nicklas Eriksson; Friday August 9th from 11 a.m. in the stadium.If you want to learn perfect dog presentation, this is the right place.

Coursing runs on the Polo field

For all dogs, who also wants to run, we offer from noon coursing runs on the polo field, near the show ground.Alone or in pairs, Sighthound or not – each dog can take part.Thank’s to the House Fürstenberg for kindly allowing us to use the field.

OnlineDogShows – How do I enter my dogs for the show?

Dear friends of the Sighthound Festival Donaueschingenthis year the Festival will be held for the first time via OnlineDogShows.For those, who often take part in shows abroad, this is a well-known registration platform, for others it is completely new territory.In the “Mediterranean Newsletter” (from page 6) you will find a detailed quick guide. This quick … Read more

The Donaueschingen Journal 2024; this year as an anniversary edition

Dear friends, present your kennel, your successful Sighthound or Mediterranean in the new Donaueschingen Journal 2024.In addition to advertisements editorial contributions are included in the journal and the catalogs of both days.A promotional ad in this print is really “around the world”.Information about the ad design is attached, layout is included in the price.Ad close … Read more

Please enter online ….

Dear friends, entries are finally open, and you may now register your dogs. Other than in previous years, Onlinedogshows, will manage our entries and provide you with all details around the show. Please proceed to their homepage and start registering your dogs in their system, before entering the show. As we have to rent … Read more