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The German Sighthound Association (DWZRV) is Europe’s biggest association of sighthound fanciers with a rich tradition founded 1892 in Berlin.

Since almost 25 years we are glad to welcome breeders and exhibitors from all over Europe at the Sighthound Festival Donaueschingen.

More than 50 Sighthound Clubs for Racing and Lure Coursing are running a big number of Sighthound Specialties and Sport Events all over Germany. The German Sighthound Association is a member of the German Kennel Club ( and FCI.

You are very welcome to take part at Sighthound Specialties and International Shows in Germany. Find all information including the judges lists of every show when clicking the following link:

Sighthound Specialties and International Dog Shows including the judges lists in Germany

You are in love with Sighthounds? Than discover the monthly Sighthound Magazine “Unsere Windhunde“with full reports and information about breeding, shows, racings and lure coursing: Unsere Windhunde

Your are also welcome to get Club member of the DWZRV – Get the monthly Club magazine for free including special conditions for full color advertisings!