Barbara Ruth Smith / USA, S (“Blueskies” Whippets & Deerhounds)

Originally from the USA Barbara Ruth Smith moved to Sweden in 2006. She has got her first sighthound, a Borzoi in the early 1970’s. Her breeding program with Whippets began in 1978. Under the kennel Blueskies beside of Whippets she has bred Scottish Deerhounds, Parson Russel and Border Terriers. Since the 1980’s she owned Irish Wolfhounds as well and became very experienced in sighthounds over the years.
Being a successful breeder, active exhibitor and a frequent participant of lure coursing events in the US Barbara Ruth Smith became an authorized American Kennel Club judge. In 2006 she was approved by the Swedish Kennel Club and the FCI to judge all sighthound breeds (FCI Group X), Hunting Dogs, Terriers as well as the Mediterranean Breeds of FCI Group V.
Barbara Ruth Smith is looking very much forward to judge sighthounds for the first time in Germany at the Sighthound Festival Donaueschingen. She has long experience after judging in the United States, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia and France. In 2008 she was part of the judge’s board of the FCI European Sighthound Winner Show
in Budapest (HU).

Juan Carlos Vasconsellos / PAR (“Anjal Sahara” Saluki)

Born in Asunción, Paraguay, Juan Carlos Vasoncsellos has dedicated himself to the “Cinofilia” since he was very young. In 1976 he started with Salukis under the kennel name “Anjal Sahara” (sons of the desert). They became dog of the year and puppy of the year (all breeds) several times in Paraguay.
Over the years 9 World Champions beside one European Champion (FCI), International champions, Latin American Champions, multiple Best in Shows in Latin American countries and Best of Group Winners in Europe and the US made the “Anjal Sahara” Salukis famous all around the world.
Successful offspring are found in addition to Paraguay in prestigious kennels in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Spain, Portugal and Finland.
Juan Carlos Vasconsellos was active in the Paraguay Kennel Club for more than 20 years, as Vice President and President as well as the manager of the show committee. Today he is a lifelong member and became as a founding the President of the Saluki Club of Paraguay.
As all breed FCI judge he is very experienced after judging “The Eukanuba Cup” in Sao Paulo (Brazil), several Saluki Specialties and Club Shows in the United States including “The San Angeles Saluki Club Show” in Lompoc (California), the Royal Melbourne, the Roayal Canberray Show and the Western Classic in Australia and more Shows in South Africa, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Norway and Paraguay.
For the first time in Germany and Continental Europe, Juan Carlos Vasconsellos will judge Salukis and Irish Wolfhounds in

Sofie Lönn / SE (“Enigma” Pharaoh Hounds & Basenjis)

Sofie grew up in a family with Pharaoh Hounds. Her mother started breeding them in 1975 and Sofie Lönn later became the co-breeder of the today world famous prefix “Enigma”. More than 70 champions of Pharaoh Hounds and Basenjis have been bred so far.
For their great work in the breed Sofie and her mother received the Sweedish Sighthound Club breeder’s medal and got an award from the Swedish Kennel Club for the working titles they have put on the dogs together with their puppy owners. Some of the highlights are the Best in Show of the European Winner Show in 2005 and several group placements at word dog shows and at Crufts.
Sighthounds has always been Sofie’s favourite group of breeds and it has been natural for her to follow them closely at shows and lure coursing events. She became a judge in 2011 and educated herself for more breeds quite slowly: She still shows her own dogs and only wants to judge breeds she truly loves. She has judged breed specialties, sighthound shows and kennel club shows in Sweden and Finland before.
Sofie Lönn feels very honoured to have been invited to judge for the first time in Germany at Donaueschingen and is really looking forward to it!

Jackie Bourdin / F ( Whippets “du Manoir de la Grenouillère”)

Since 1980 Jackie Bourdin is fascinated by the temperament and the beauty of Whippets. She is sharing unforgettable moments and started a small breeding programme as an amateur in 1984. A big number of important champions were bred and exported influancing the international Whippet scene up to today.
“Beau Mec, Emotion, Diorissimo, Enza, My Lady, Nec and Jake du Manoir de la Grenouillère” are to be mentioned. Some other well known homebred Whippets are Don Giovanni, Don Carlo and Don Diego.
Her passion and love for the breed has given her lots of success. She became a breed judge of the French Kennel Club in 1993 as well as the coordinator of the new Whippet judges education programme. Soon after she became a judge for Italian Greyhounds, Borzois and Greyhounds.
Jackie Bourdin’s opinion as a breed specialist is beeing asked all over Europe including the Skokloster Summer Show 2006 in Sweden, the Monographica of the Whippet Club in Italy as well as an invitation in the country of origin of the Breed, England (North-Eastern Whippet Society).
Her wish is to follow the development and maintains of the beautiful Sighthound breeds for a long time. As a great Whippet lover she has a motto: “A Whippet one day – a Whippet always!”

Michael Canalizo / USA (“Kandahara” Afghan Hounds / “of Grandeur” Kennel)

Michael Canalizo has spent his entire life in the Dog Show Word as a Breeder/Owner and Professional Handler turned Judge. In the 1960’s, he was a junior handler, showing his family’s Kandahara Afghan Hounds that would go on to produce five generations of champions.
As his parents, breeder-judges Jim and Lee Canalizo, grew more involved and successful, he evolved into an exhibitor and breeder, always aligned with their mentor Sunny Shay of Grandeur Kennels. In the midseventies Michael solidified a longstanding relationship as the private handler and kennel manager of the legendary Afghan Hounds of Grandeur.
He has exhibited many sighthounds over the years with great success. He was the breeder/owner/ handler of the Top Winning Hound of all times with 87 BIS – until a daughter of this dog he showed beat that record with 161 Best in Shows: Ch.’s Triumph & Tryst of Grandeur. Tryst was the top dog of all breeds in 1995. Collectively he piloted over 100
Afghan Hounds to their championships and had over 300 All Breed Best in Shows and nearly 1.000 Hound Group awards!
Michael Canalizo is approved today to judge Best in Show and several groups at the American Kennel Club. Since 2005 he is an Executive Field Representative and holds the position as Director of AKC Event Management. His credentials include developing and presenting dog-related educational seminars worldwide, feature writing and working as a contributing editor for national and international publications. He is one of the architects of the first Afghan Hound World Congress and the organizer of the AKC Eukanuba Word Challenge.

Ute Lennartz / DE (“Mata-Salamata’s” Saluki)

Dogs have always been part of Ute Lennartz’ life. Her father’s was a passionate hunter, therefore hunting dogs and other breeds have been part of the family since her very early days. In the 60s Ute saw a Saluki for the first time and fell in love with this ancient breed. She knew by the first glance: If she ever could have a dog of herself, it had to be a Saulki! – In 1976 Ute and her husband acquired their first dog. It was a Saluki.
This has been the beginning of her “canine life”. Today she co-owns the world famous “Mata Salamata’s” kennel together with Jakob Pribil. Beeing licensed as breed judge for Saluki, Sloughi, Azawakh and Afghan Hounds since 1993, Ute Lennartz judged major events and Saluki Specialties worldwide in many European countries, the United States and even Japan. In 2011 she was approved as group judge for all Sighthounds by the German Kennel Club.
As the former head of the breeding board of the German Sighthound Association she was involved into the process that new Sighthound breeds has been nationally recognized by the German Kennel Club. Since this year Silken Windsprite and Taigan are part of the large Sighthound family in our country. Therefore Ute Lennartz was the first choice to judge the Annual show of this new breeds in Germany. The first annual show of Silken Windsprites and Taigan will take place with a great media attention at the prestigious Sighthound Festival Donaueschingen.

Linda Worthy / GB, F (“Khelin’s” Afghan Hounds)

Originally coming from Great Britain and today living in France Linda Worthy became an Afghan Hound owner in 1971. She became the co-breeder of the Khelin’s Kennel and got her first judges appointments on Open Shows in England since 1978. She awarded her fist CC’s in 1999. Since then she judged at Championship Shows in England, Scotland as well as Afghan Hound Club Shows in Sweden and Finland.
The first Borzoi moved into the Worthy’s house in 1986 and inflamed a passion for the breed. Since 1998 she is judging Borzois at Championship Shows in England. Beside several judging invitations to Moscow Linda Worthy was invited as breed specialist at Borzoi Club Shows in Belgium and Sweden, the Borzoi National in Australia as well as Sighthound specialties in Scandinavia.
So far she judged over 600 specimens of the breed! As an owner of two very successful Otterhounds she was part of the judges panel of Crufts 2015. During the years she had the privilege to judge the sighthound breeds she is in love with all over the world. She has seen some excellent quality hounds and met some extremely nice people. Linda Worthy is a passionate breed judge: “Nothing is better than seeing a beautiful Sighthound – especially on the move!”

Frans Gerritsen / NL (“Velocity” Greyhounds)

Since 1973 Frans became together with his wife Will Gerritsen-Wouters one of the great breed lovers of English Greyhounds. Their first Greyhound “Sandy of the Jolly Jumpers” was going back on the famous “von Birknershof” line. The first litter of their small – but very successful kennel “Velocity” was born in 1980. Their breeding programme was a combination with English bloodlines from “Shalfleet”, “Gayside” and “Jets” from Norway.
In cooperation with the well known breeder at that time, Tim Taylors (Samoems) as a handler for Velocity Greyhounds they made up three World Champions as well as several national and international champions in only four litters.
As a Co-founder and president of the Netherlands Greyhound Club and a national Sighthound Racing club Frans Gerritsen started judging in 1981 Whippets and Greyhounds. Since 2002 he is a group judge for all Sighthounds and Mediterranean breeds of the FCI group V. Personal highlights in his judging carrier all over Europe and Scandinavia was the Golden Jubilee Show of the English Greyhound Club in 1996, several judges appointments at the famous Amsterdam Winner Show and the Best in Show at the prestigious Skokloster Summer Show in Sweden.
It’s a pleasure having Frans Gerritsen this year at Donaueschingen which is one of the most experienced Sighthound specialist in Europe.

Thomas Münch / DE (“FliFlac” Whippets)


His passion for Sighthounds started in the early 1980ies with the acquisition of the Whippet female “Fleetwing’s Opening Night”. Her direct British descents draw his interest into the breed to Great Britain and in addition to it. The first litter at the today world famous kennel “FlicFlac” was born in 1988.
Up to now the phenomenal Crufts BIS “Ch. Pencloe Dutch Gold” bred by Morag Bolton-Lockhart is an ideal of the breed – not only for Thomas Münch. His daughter “Ch. Pencloe Dutch Amber” and grandson “Ch. Loricbrook Bandleader”, bred by Max Magder in Canada, are ancestors of all “FlicFlac” Whippets up to today.
Since 1995 Thomas Münch became a breed judge and had the opportunity to assess the quality of Whippets at all main breeding areas worldwide (Europe including Great Britain, Scandinavia, Northern America and Australia).
Since 2014 he became a breed judge of the German Sighthound Association for the British Sighthound breeds Irish Wolfhound, Deerhound and Greyhound.
Among many other shows Thomas Münch was judging at the World Dog show 2008 in Stockholm. He is following with satisfaction the positive development of the Whippets in Germany: “International cooperation and the exchange of dogs for breeding and showing became an everyday life. At the same time this is according to necessity from a genetic point of view. At no other show this idea is demonstrated better than Donaueschingen!”