Dear Sighthound friends …..

Dear sighthound friends, dear exhibitors!
A few weeks ago we were contacted by Danielle Steenkamp DVM USA.
Danielle Steenkamp DVM is very well known among Borzoi owners, she researches heart diseases in the USA, especially sudden cardiac death in sighthounds and has collaborated with researchers at Texas A&M University.
She asked if it would be possible for Texas A&M University Cardiology & Genetics researchers to take part in our beautiful show in Donaueschingen. There are no costs associated with participating, an unusual achievement…
We were very pleased to agree – in our current times it is more and more about the health of our dogs and especially about the fulfillment of the animal protection law and we as DWZRV are happy to contribute!
We can all actively participate this weekend;
The researchers at Texas A&M University only need a DNA sample – a cheek swab sample from your dog.
Please take part in this research project in large numbers – it helps all sighthounds!