Coursing runs on the Polo field

For all dogs, who also wants to run, we offer from noon coursing runs on the polo field, near the show ground.Alone or in pairs, Sighthound or not – each dog can take part.Thank’s to the House Fürstenberg for kindly allowing us to use the field.

OnlineDogShows – How do I enter my dogs for the show?

Dear friends of the Sighthound Festival Donaueschingenthis year the Festival will be held for the first time via OnlineDogShows.For those, who often take part in shows abroad, this is a well-known registration platform, for others it is completely new territory.In the “Mediterranean Newsletter” (from page 6) you will find a detailed quick guide. This quick … Lire la suite

The Donaueschingen Journal 2024; this year as an anniversary edition

Dear friends, present your kennel, your successful Sighthound or Mediterranean in the new Donaueschingen Journal 2024.In addition to advertisements editorial contributions are included in the journal and the catalogs of both days.A promotional ad in this print is really “around the world”.Information about the ad design is attached, layout is included in the price.Ad close … Lire la suite

Important : remaniements des juges

Dear fans of Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival, the preparations for Donaueschingen are ongoingly busy, with a lot of work ahead. Unfortunately, we have to let you know, that we are obliged to make a change in the judges panel. Regrettably Jacqueline Quiroz-Kubat had to cancel her appointent due to health problems. Our Swedish judge Magnus Hagstedt … Lire la suite

Dual Winner Donaueschingen

C’est avec grand plaisir de vous inviter à participer au « Dual Winner Donaueschingen 2024 », une combinaison entre l’exposition du Samedi (Winner Donaueschingen) et soit un PVL (à Hoope) ou un racing/cynodrome (à Oberhausen). Pour la distribution de points voir le tableau ci-dessous. Pour participer au concours, es chiens ont besoin d’uns licence ce … Lire la suite

Des surprises pour 2024

Chers amis du Festival du Lévrier,Afin de faciliter votre planification pour 2024, nous vous informons déjà de quelques particularités pour l’année à venir.En 2024, nous fêterons notre 30e anniversaire à Donaueschingen ; Il y aura un titre anniversaire supplémentaire – non inscriptible – pour cet événement du dimanche 11 août (également pour les classes jeunes/vétérans).Les … Lire la suite