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Show program 2024!
We are looking forward to the “Allgäu Show Horses”
Evening performance Friday, presentations Saturday and Sunday
“Showpferde Allgäu is a group of riders from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg who share a love of baroque horses.
The show riding group was founded in 2012 by Sandra Mertens.
They have been seen at trade fairs, parades, evening shows and galas for years.
Because the training of horses and riders, it is possible to show complete entire show programs.
For example quadrilles, light shows, high school and circus lessons, handwork, mirror work, Garrocha work, cavalry, horseback fencing, working equitation, horses for shoots, parades or just looking good, they are available for all of it.
The variety of their horses ranges from Friesian, Lippizaner, Iberian, Murgesen to Shetland pony. “