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We are looking forward to welcoming you at our show!

2nd Deadline: 03.08.2017
Payment = 30,- EUR per dog / per day (classes 2 – 6)
Payment = 17,- EUR per dog / per day (classes 1a, 1, 7, 8)
Payment = 10,- EUR for Brace (male & female of the same owner)

NEW: The entry for the Breeders stakes (3 or more dogs of the same kennel) are free of charge.

Enter online & pay at the show ground
The show secretary is opened since Friday, August 11h from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Collect your catalogue and numbers even one day before the show starts.

Please consider that credit card payments are only possible when entering online at our partners website for online entries (with pre-paying): link to our partner's website for online-entries

Show Regulations
Please consider that written entries and online entries are mandatory. Entry fees have to be payed even if you decide not to show. When making an entry you accept the official show regulations by the German Kennel Club and his member DWZRV (German Sighthound Association, Organizer of the show).

Official show regulations by the German Kennel Club

Vet-Check on the show ground – vaccination against rabies
For the safety of your dogs all dogs have to proof their valid vaccination against rabies with an EU dogs vaccination pass. Please consider that also dogs not competing at the show may be checked on the show ground.

Our vet team will be on the show ground since Friday afternoon and during the show weekend. Please don't hesitate to ask them for help at any queries or medical problems with our dog.

Camping site directly at the show ground

A Camping site for campers, caravans and tents is to your availability (incl. electricity access, toilets on the show ground and shower facilities).

Order your site directly at the show secretary when arriving. Pay your parking or camping site per day. The camping site will be opened since Thursday evening before the show weekend.

Please contact the show organizer, Mrs. Angelika Heydrich for further questions: